Saturday, October 10, 2009

i'm sick ♥

i'm sickk..~♥
sorry for abandon my bloggy for days..~♥
actually today i have nothing to post..~♥
but i have abandon my bloggy for many day..~♥
absent school for 2 days..~♥
huhh dunnoe can catch up what teacher is teaching or♥
this few day i had took lot of medcine lol..~♥
well gonna end ups here..~♥
babye my friends..~♥
when i recover i will be back to my bloggy life..XD..~♥
muahaha muahaha..~

♥ angeline♥

Sunday, October 4, 2009

flashback of my life ♥

i'm here to update my blog lurr..~♥
 i had abandon my bloggy for 8 days..~♥
haiz pity pity pity my bloggy..~♥
what to do i kinda busy for this few days..~♥
here some flashback for my life..~♥

1 october 2009 thursday ♥ ♥ ♥
my school life goes as usual..~♥
kinda bored..~♥
but i have go to school♥
hiak hiak hiak..~♥
at affternoon i went to PCB with Orange..~♥
her dad was held a party at there..~♥
wuu wuu wuu..~♥
she came my house fetch me at 3.30p.m sharp..~♥
and we started our journey to PCB..~♥
pheww after 20 min we arrived..~♥
her dad help us to checked in our room..~♥
when i reached our room..~♥
aiyoyo aiyoyo..~♥
the room very small lerr..~♥
we have 8 people and need to squeeze in 1 small room..~♥
gonna become sardin lerr..~♥
we awfully enjoyed the BBQ party..~♥
the food was delicious..~♥
1 of the uncle brings us some beer..~♥
all of us had drink it..~♥
except meee...~♥
i'm not dare to drink♥
but someone had drink 3 tin of beer..~♥
luckily he didn't drunk..~♥
if he were drunk i think all of us gonna kick he out of our room..~♥
hiak hiak hiak..~♥
after the BBQ i helped her parents to cleaned up the place..~♥
auntie and uncle praised me..~♥
i feel pleased..~♥
muahaaha muahaaha.. lol..~♥
when bed time..~♥
we 8 people squeeze iun a small room..~♥
huhh huhh..~♥
when some of us sleept..~♥
some guys had took our ugly sleeping photo..~♥
i'm one the of them that had been took photo by guys..~♥
*PCB = Pantai Cahaya Bulan*..~♥
the end *************************************~♥

2 october 2009 friday ♥ ♥ ♥
i woke early lerr..~♥
we had go seaside to play and took some photo..~♥
and checked out at 11.00a.m..~♥
haizz tonight went to dinner again..~♥
i went to Renaissance Hotel with Jiun for dinner..~♥
it was SMJK(C) Peir Chi School Anniversary Dinner..~♥
quiet bored..~♥
darn regret went there for dinner..♥
tomorrow going to attend my causin wedding..~♥
today is xiang xiong birthday..~
here to wished he HAPPY BIRTHDAY..~♥
HAPPY BIRTHDAY o.O..~♥ the end ****************..~♥

3 october 2009 saturday ♥ ♥ ♥
woke up super duper early err..~♥
kinda sleepy..~♥
what to do..~♥
today is my causin wedding..~♥
so woke up early and accompany my mummy to his wedding..~♥
at his wedding i saw many relative lurr..~♥
keep on asking my trial result..~♥
i didn't tell them..~♥
cause my trial result was suckk..~♥
haizzz tonight gonna attend his wedding dinner again..~♥
bored bored bored..~♥
so here some picture on my causin wedding..~♥
hmm today is yi qian birthday..~♥
HAPPY BIRTHDAY yaa Yi Qian..~♥
well i just posted some  picture only..~♥

well  gonna end up my post here..~♥
night yaa all my friends..~♥

♥ angeline♥