Saturday, September 26, 2009

my 2 in 1 post =) ♥

heyy heyy..~♥
i'm here to update my bloggy again..~♥
sorry for abandon my bloggy for yesterday..~♥
today i will divide my post into to 2 part..~♥
part 1 is for yesterday and part 2 for todayy..~♥
maybe a bit garrulous..~♥
paise paise..~♥
please be patient yarr..~♥
so i would start of my today post from yesterday..~♥

Part 1..~♥ ♥ ♥
it's FRIDAY you know..~♥
my favo day x)..~♥
hmm woke very very early err..~♥
at 1st i checked my phone..~♥
owhh there is a miss call from Jacky..~♥
so i texted he..~♥
**anythings??..gonna date me out arr??**..~♥
ohh yeahh he had reply me xd..~♥
**i want go Pengkalan Kubur you want go mar??..**..~♥
he want went to Pengkalan Kubur..~♥
and asked me and jiun join him..~♥
so i have decide to join he..~♥
duda duda duda..~♥
lol he come fetch me at 2p.m..~♥
and we started our journey to Pengkalan Kubur..~♥
when the way to our destination..~♥
we was fool around..~♥
and keep on talking non-stop..~♥
we quiet sann paa..~♥
wow after 30 min we arrived..~♥
waaseii the wheather super duper hott..~♥
ishhh ishhh darn hate it..~♥
err for me there nothings to buy..~♥
but at last i had buy something lurr..~♥
i have buy 3 pairs of cute slippers..~♥
kinda cute o.O..~♥
it's monkey design my favo..~♥
and very very cheap too..XD..~♥
perhaps there not much shoppie to shopped..~♥
so we back around 3.30p.m..~♥
after that we went to Mc Donald to have our lunch..~♥
i have ordered Mac Deluxe..~♥
wuu wuu my favo..~♥
den jiun plan that tonight wanna overnight at my house..~♥
waaseii i'm pleased..~♥
yet, happy moment wouldn't last for longer..~♥
there's a freaking bad news for me while i waiting jiun to confirm with her parents..~♥
she told me that her parents may not let she overnight at my house..~♥
haiz feel sorrow =.=..~♥
cause jiun have packed her things that want bring to my♥
at 11p.m..~♥
suddenly my phone rang..~♥
and i was like wondering who would call me at that time..~♥
ohh yeahh its jiun call me..~♥
she asked me to open my house door she was outside my house..~♥
wuu wuu she come overnight at my house..~♥
darn darn cheerful xp..~♥
she come with friends and she putted her bag at my room..~♥
and she asked me go out yum cha..~♥
huh sighhh..~♥
11p.m still gonna out..~♥
hmm i have my parents permission den go out with she..~♥
we went to Billy Cafe..~♥
my favo cafe..~♥
i have ordered hot Capuccino..xp..~♥
enjoy my drinks..~♥
wheeeee we went back at 12 ++..~♥
luckily did'nt get scold from my parents..~♥
after that we watch **dai dong gua** untill 3a.m..~♥
pheww seem we are tired..~♥
so went bed lurr..~♥
err i gonna say sorry to weiling course today went out but didn't ask you to join..~♥
sorry for not ask you out due to some problems..~♥
**sorry sorry sorry**..~♥
whheee i'm happy..~♥
=) x) ;) :) ;D ..~♥

PART 2..~♥ ♥ ♥
today i woke at 9p.m..~♥
err for me it's early you know..~♥
i woke early course someone gonna come my house and take her wallet..~♥
huhhh i'm so forgetful keeped our wallet but didn't give back to youu..~♥
sorry and paise paise lol..~♥
hmm then i helped my mummy do some house chores..~♥
what a good and responsible daughter..~♥
muahaahaa muahahaa..~♥
hmm i was busying with my house chores..~♥
and jiun was busying watch **dai dong gua** in my living room..~♥
woww woww..~♥
see how comfortable is she..~♥
while she watching the drama she had sleep..~♥
perhaps she too tired or bored..~♥
course we sleep at 4a.m ang woke at 9p.m..~♥
and she woke early morning for doing nothing..~♥
quiet bored for she..~♥
someone come my house and kidnapped me ang jiun..~♥
we went to Mac Donald had our lunchh again..~♥
lol yesterday just went Mac have our lunch..~♥
quiet bored course dunnoe wad to ordered..~♥
so i have ordered apple pie and ice-cream..~♥
yummy yummy yummy..~♥
hmm today i have skipped my add maths tuition..~♥
due to no people fetch me to tuition..~♥
i'm so lazy >.< ''..~♥
huhh raya break gonna ends lurr..~♥
tomorrow back to my school life again..~♥
darn bored for me..~♥
but by hook or by crook i have to go to school..~♥
haiz teacher gonna give back our trial paper soon..~♥
i think my trial exam result really suckkk..~♥
cause i not really well prepared..~♥
gonna work hard for my study..~♥
can i??..~♥
hope i can..~♥
i can do it..~♥
i can do it..~♥
i can do it..~♥
haizz worrying my result..~♥
hope that god bless me =)..~♥
hmm gonna end up here..~♥
going have my dinner lurr..~♥
yummy yummy yummy..~♥
babye and night lurr all..~♥

♥ angeline♥

Thursday, September 24, 2009

23 september 2009 ~ seriously addicted to ballet music ♥

hmm this is my yesterday post..~♥
when i post there are some problems so today i repost it..~♥
sorry ya..~♥
i'm here to update my bloggy again x)..~♥
today i woke up at 11 a.m..~♥
not really late laa i think..~♥
i bring my youngest sister to tuition..~♥
on the way to tuition my sister have talk lots non-sense to me..~♥
perhaps she feel extremely happy because i accompany she when the way to tuition..~♥
but for me it's really darn darn darn bored..~♥
anyway i have accompany she to tuition safely..~♥
owhhh yeahh i have went to my grandma restaurant to helps her..~♥
i helped my grandma wash dish,clean up the restaurant and be half-day cashier too..~♥
muahaha muahaha..~♥
kinda enjoy plus plus fun..~♥
because if i were stay at home..~♥
i doing nothings..~♥
instead of doing nothing..~♥
i go help my grandma..~♥
besides it can help me to express my boredom..~♥
sighhhh ++ yiipiiyaayaa..=.=..~ ♥
lame lame lame!!!..=.=..~ ♥
be a good and responsible grandchildren..=))..~♥
ahaha ahaha..~♥
yeahh yeahh..~
my aunt have cooked some delicious food for dinner..~♥
yummy yummy yummy x) x) x)..~♥
she had cooked sweet sour fried chicken,mushroom soup and so on just to name a few..~♥
i like it very muchhh..~♥
thanks aunt for prepared delicious food for my dinner..~♥
appreciate muchhh..~♥
i love you..~♥
my mummy time fully occupied so she didn’t cook..~ ♥
err tell you all a secret..~ ♥
my mummy dunnoe how to cook at all..~ ♥
and I not reproach she..~ ♥
but she do love me..~ ♥
she had pay full responsibilities to me and family..~ ♥
here I proclaim that I love you mummy..~ ♥
duhh,i'm seriously addicted to ballet music..~♥
i have search ballet music since afternoon..~ ♥
but i just found some..~ ♥
at least I had found somethings..~ ♥
so I feel pleased;cheerful..~ ♥
i awfully like ballet..~ ♥
i begrudge formidable ballet dancer..~ ♥
i stopped my ballet at age 10..~ ♥
now I feel regret..~ ♥
when I saw people who have ballet perform..~ ♥
what I do is..~ ♥
a regretful smile for myself..~ ♥
feel sorrow to myself weyy..~ ♥
hmm I now feel freaking cold ..~ ♥
i think tonight will be a rainy right baa..~ ♥
i feel kinda guilty due to forgo my ballet since I was small..~ ♥
duhh,lol it’s have pass..~ ♥
today I feel weepy =/ in spirit..~ ♥
i do love my family ♥♥..friends ♥♥..ballet ♥♥...~ ♥
erhh erhh..~ ♥
my post for today quiet garrulous..~ ♥
hope visitors or reader be patient when read my blog..~ ♥
paise paise yaa..~ ♥
gotta end up here ya..~ ♥
babye..~ ♥


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my study attitude =.= ♥

yay yay yay..~♥
today i update my bloggy on time..~♥
without abandon it..~♥
feel happy..~♥
today dunnoe what to post..~♥
never mind i just crap what's in my mind..~♥
i feel starving laa..~♥
my geo contact lens was arrived..~♥
i have wear it..~♥
it was noody brown..~♥
my favo..~♥
i wanna thanks orange cause she help me to order it..~♥
thanks ya orange..^^~♥
muahaha muahaha..~♥
i have went to study at Jing Si..~♥
a seek bring me there..~♥
duda duda duda..~♥
i saw many friends at♥
i was study seriously..~♥
but when all my buddies arrive..~♥
i keep on crapping with them..lols..~♥
so i just finished 5 add maths questions..~♥
dying man..~♥
spm coming soon i still can joke around with my friends..~♥
i feel that i'm useless..~♥
haiz haiz..~♥
sometimes i dont study seriously and wait for miracle..~♥
but it's wasen't happen lerr..~♥
i really hope that i can concentrate on my study..~♥
hope hope hope i can study seriously..~♥
haiz raya break gonna end soon..~♥
and gotta back to school life again..~♥
haiz my boredom life coming..=(..~♥
erhh erhh..~♥
my advertisement club♥
i have promise to myself and teacher that i want to close the account on October...~♥
can i do it??..~♥
i think can't..~♥
even 2008 collection haven finish collect..~♥
yet to collect..~♥
about 2009 advertisement just have 80++ shop advertise..~♥
my target is at least 100 err..~♥
still a number to reach my target..~♥
i hope that i can break the target..~♥
hope god bless me..~♥
i want achieve my target..xp..~♥
i will overcome all the obstacle to achieve my target..~♥
woo woo woo..~♥
hope can achieve it..♥
well,i gotta end up here..~♥
today life was bored..~♥
gonna have my dinner soon..~♥
bye bye..^^~♥

♥ angeline♥

Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm happy duda duda duda ♥

ignore my bloggy again..~♥
this is due to my connections problems..~♥
the connections super duper suckkk..~♥
dying man..~♥
perhaps god dun wan lets me to update my bloggy..~♥
i gonna find somethings to relief my boredom..~♥
anythings that i can do??..~♥
lame lame lame lol..~♥
i'm here to tell all a good news..~♥
me and weiling become friends again..~♥
hiak hiak hiak darn happy..~♥
i have  overcome the obstacle..~♥
out of difficulties make miracle..~♥
i believe it..~♥
muahaha muahaha..~♥
today i went to Dr.Izanee house celebrate Raya..~♥
wow lots of people..~♥
his wife was surprise to see all of us..~♥
i went there wif jiun..ling..lik.loon and liang..~♥
the food prepared was so delicious..~♥
i have eats a lots lerr XD..~♥
i get **greenpow** from Dr Izanee..~♥
erhhh tonight gonna go swim with my buddies lols..~♥
hope that tonight wont rain and i can go for swim..~♥
god bless me..~♥
i'm happy today..~♥
i just add music corner in my blog..~♥
happy happy happy..~♥
hope u all enjoy the musics..~♥
**boa~key of heart**..~♥
i gonna end up my post here..~♥
babye my friends..~♥
=) =) =) =) =)..~♥

♥ angeline♥

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends ♥

 sorry, i have ignore my bloggy for days..~♥
i'm here to update my bloggy again~♥
these days i'm busy for my trial exam~♥
but kinda happy it gonna ends soon~♥
tomorrow is my last day for my trial exam~♥
hooreyy horeyy..~♥
tomorrow having my EST 2 and BC1..~♥
yiipii yiipii..~♥
hope that god bless me..~♥
today i suppose be in school..~♥
but i skipped my school..~♥
 i not taking Prinsip Akaun paper..~♥
so i just stay at home update my bloggy..~♥
what should i start of??sighh=.=~♥
let's i start with about me..~♥
nothings special happened this few days..~♥
dis few day i have my trial exam..~♥
dying man..=.=~♥
some papers i did it well..~♥
but some papers i did it very poor..~♥
perhaps i not interest with the subjects..~♥
i think..muahaha..sighh=.=..~♥
spm exam is around the corner..~♥
have i pprepared it well??..~♥
no i think..~♥
so i promise myself by today..~♥
start my revison and stop hang out with friends..~♥
yet,can i do it??..~♥
i dont think so..~♥
lol just leave it..~♥
now i having a cold war with my bestie ..~♥
seriously..this few days i feel unhappy..~♥
i keep on thinking..~♥
should our friendship ends??..~♥
i sure that i wont just let's it ends up..~♥
i also dunnoe why..~♥
perhaps she treat me very good..~♥
my mind just tell me that appologies to her..~♥
perhaps she will accept..~♥
but if she turn down my apologies..~♥
what would it happen??..~♥
yet.willl we become enermy??..~♥
i dunnoe the answers..~♥
i can accept your criticism..~♥
so would you accept mine??..~♥
sometimes what you see ain't truth..~♥
we are friends for long time ain't you really  not undrestand me??..~♥
i know i have did wrong to you..~♥
would you accept my apologies..~♥
here i apologies to you..~♥
sorry weiling..~♥
i admit my mistake..~♥
will you accept my apologies??..~♥
i hope so..~♥
for now,i hope that she will accpet my apologies..~♥
hope that god bless me..~♥
gonna ends up here..~♥

♥ angeline♥

Saturday, September 12, 2009

hang out with [G l i s t e r s] members ♥

ermm so fast..~♥
started with a new days..~♥
yesterday i was hang out wif my [G l i s t e r] friends..~♥
i  was 'kidnnaped' by jacky..~♥
he fetch me out..~♥
we went to Parkson..~♥
when we all arrived Parkson feel very happy..~♥
in the happy time..~♥
our friends loon said : you see the car park so slant..~♥
then he get bomb from all of us=.=..~♥
us said : did youn really pass your car test??..iwe dont think so..~♥
at 1st he was scared to drive up..~♥
after few minutes loon said : all of you please ready..~♥
i started worried coz i'm scared of high..~♥
when on the way going up..~♥
all of us get shock and keep on scream~♥
luckily we reached the car park safely..~♥
we shop at parkson..~♥
we had took some stupid picture♥
after that we go Mac donald have our lunch..XD~♥
at Mac we have meet 2 cute children..~♥
they came from New Zealand..~♥
we all are busying..=.=

some [G l i s t e r s] member with 2 cutie children..♥


Friday, September 11, 2009

hii,welcome to my blog ♥

nice to meet u all yaa..~♥
today is my 1st time blogging..~♥
dunnoe wad to begin..=.=..~♥
anyway i start with my personal details..~♥
i'm angeline..~♥
17 years old dis years..~♥
i like pink colour very much..~♥
i like chocolate..~♥
i like pink stuff..~♥
i have 2 best friends..~♥
yeejiun and weiling..~♥
i love them very muchhh..~♥
here my msn :♥
              friendster :
              facebook :♥
that's all for my 1st blog..~♥     
who gonna noe more bout me please link me..~♥
welcome welcome welcome to my blog..~♥

♥ angeline♥