Sunday, June 20, 2010

i'm back ♥

hello peeps ..♥
i'm lost again ..♥
pardon me laa nah ..♥
currently busy like hell ..♥
i'm here to update my bloggy ..♥
there are too many things happened during this school holiday ..♥
some ain't nice ..♥
but it is memorable ..♥
16 to 17 june ♥
went jamboree camp ..♥
it's fun baby ..♥
go there as a senior ..♥
we gathered at a restaurant den went there with 3 cars ..♥
overnight there too ..♥
aikss they didn't prepare room for senior ..♥
perhaps no bajet ..♥
aww we slept inside car ..♥
so pity us ..♥
i had tried some games ..♥
it's fun den my friend snap as a video and upload at FB ..♥
OMG sia sui laa ..♥
it's fun indeed ..♥
but it ain't fun at all ..♥
the next day when i woke ..♥
the body aching torturing me ..♥
and i was a grandmother for 3 days ..♥
but now is recover ..♥
nowdays addicted to some songs ..♥
and honestly, there's some songs recalling my pasts ..♥
i don't really feel good when the lyrics get into my mind ..♥
like a knife cutting my heart into slices ..♥
yet , i could control my tears from not dropping down ..♥
i'm bravo :P ♥
but there's still sometimes my mood moving up and down ..♥
i think is common, human beings have feelings right? ♥
Cause he'd been the passer-by in my past ..♥
yet. for sure i'll miss him sometimes ..♥
well, forget bout it .. ♥
it's is pass ..♥
let's be my past and the best memories ..♥
today have lunch with my buddies ..♥
and mr. lau xx also there ..♥
i'm so shy to face him ..♥
yet i create joke and keep on crapped with others guy ..♥
i'm so sorry to you yaa ..♥
sorry sorry ..♥
a paul and smexy is going to Ipoh study on tomorrow ..♥
takako at Melaka now i'm so miss her ..♥
i do miss you all ..♥
so take care and all the best to you all ..♥
love you all mwackx~* ..♥
well gotta ends up my today post ..♥
it's wordy ..♥
pardon me ..♥
byebye friends ..♥

mwackx mwackx~*

♥ angeline ♥

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I hate insomnia ♥

hey guys ..♥
i'm back here again ..♥
pardon me laa nah ..♥
abandon my bloggy again ..♥
currently suffered from insomnia ..♥
thursday till today ..♥
i not even sleep at night ..♥
but sleep at morning ..♥
the period i sleep juz in between 3 to 4 hours ..♥
why so? ..♥
arghhhh i hate it ..♥
insomnia please stay away from me ..♥
undeniable he always appeared on my mind ..♥
what could i do ? ..♥
someone help me please ..♥
i really scared ..♥
everytime he appear on my mind ..♥
my eyes to be in tears ..♥
i ain't forget he ..♥
anyone can stop my eyes to tears? ..♥
i hope i can stay strong ..♥
dont let my eyes drop tears again ..♥
i really love him ..♥
well gonna stop my today post ..♥
stay strong michiko ..♥
you can do it ..♥

♥ angeline ♥

爱你足年 ♥


♥ michiko ♥

Friday, June 4, 2010

The hottest love has the coldest end ♥

hey my dearest reader ..♥
my 2nd post for today ..♥
this post is reserved for me and takako ..♥
me and she have the same mood and feelings ..♥
perhaps this is the time i get know her feelings ..♥
nvm nvm ms. takako i support you ..♥
gently let's him go yaa ..♥
dont even drop a drop of tears for unresponsible guy ..♥
so anyone who support me ..♥
of coz is me. myself support who support myself laa ..♥
the hottest love has the coldest love ..♥
if you love something, let it go ..♥
if it comes back to you, its yours forever ..♥
if it dosent, then it was never meant to be ..♥
so let's we two gently let's he go ..♥
study for our future ..♥
dont let unnessary things appear on your life ..♥
it may block our ways ..♥
plan our future and do work for it ..♥
 falling in love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful ..♥
remember and save in mind ..♥
start from now i SWEAR ..♥
i'll study hard and aim for my goals ..♥
i ain't stupid but i'm kinda lazy ..♥
do promised myself study hard ..♥
study comes first ..♥
well that's all for today..♥
hope that tonight i wont suffer from insomnia ..♥
god bless me ..♥
i dont want recall those unpleasant things ..♥
undeniable he always appear on my mind ..♥
angel angel come chase and him away ..♥
mr. lxx start from now onwards we are friends okay ..♥
friendship is forever love ain't ..♥
lastly i want thanks to those friends who pempered me ..♥
i loves you all *friends* ..♥

♥ angeline ♥

it's game over and let's he go ♥

hello people's ..♥
dang i'm here again ..♥
feel guilty because didn't update my bloggy on time ..♥
pardon me laa weyy ..♥
aikss see my post tittle ..♥
sure most of you know what happen ..♥
yupp it's over between me and he ..♥
and i the one who should let's go ..♥
i'm suffered from insomnia ..♥
undeniable he always appears on my mind ..♥
and i still love he ..♥
perhaps the decision make by he is for our good ..♥
i dunnoe ..♥
well thanks for all the care during the time he had pass with me ..♥
appreciate what you have done ..♥
mr. lau is a nice guy i meet ..♥
i'm practicing gently let you go ..♥
now i should reset my mood ..♥
and get away from those unnessary things ..♥
and study 1st ..♥
aim for my goals ..♥
study and target for my better future ..♥
well that's for today post ..♥

♥ angeline ♥
loves to be mine