Thursday, July 29, 2010

Leaving to KL for another few hours ❤

hello dearest readers ..♥
oppss yawnning ..♥
waiting time to pass ..♥
and going airport at 6a.m ..♥
for my 1st flight depart to kl ..♥
so skipped my school for today ..♥
aww tonight have visualisation course at damansars there ..♥
going to attend too ..♥
yesterday i became M.C for geografi kolokium presentation ..♥
i'm so nervous ..♥
luckily i can handle it although a bit nervous ..♥
duhh my classmate called me bii -.- ..♥
in class i can here bii g=here and there ..♥
i feel that i like a kid love by everyone ..♥
it's freaking cold ..♥
aikss somethings appear on my mind again ..♥
i'm the one always said that i'm okk ..♥
but am i really in okk mode ..♥
just i'm the one know the answer ..♥
sometime i wish i'm  blind and deaf .. ♥
so i couldn't know what is going on ..♥
well let it be ..♥
time would prove it to me ..♥
and i belive to myself i can forget and let him go ..♥
yet, my life is full filled ..♥
perhaps no more time to time those love problems ..♥
i want stay away from LOVE ..♥
but sometimes i envy the friends who was couple ..♥
and i told myself ..♥
me myself falling in love is easy and yet falling out of love is a big problem for me ..♥
so now i want make myself ..♥
falling in love with stpm 1st ..♥
rather than falling in love to others ..♥
and aim for my glorious future .. ♥
okk then wish i can try my best to overcome it .. ♥
not escape it .. ♥
i'm not scare to losing him anymore ..♥
he just a memories for me ..♥
i promised myself try not  to drops an eye drops because of  memories ..♥
thanks you friends especially my bestie jiun ..♥
she cheer me lots ..♥
love you all ..♥
friends make my life colouful ..♥
well my today post wad wordy .. ♥
aww i'm happy ..♥
later on can meet with yun jor ..♥
gotta ends up here ..♥
nights and sweet dream ..♥
i wanna be more bravo ..♥

♥ anne ♥
the blogger ♥

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm miserable ♥

hng! feel that i'm miserable!!!!
phoney :'( !!!!!

♥ anne ♥

I'm sorry to you and myself ♥

hey peeps ..♥
aiksss my fault again ..♥
ain't update my bloggy again ..♥
pardon me yaa ..♥
i'm busy weyy ..♥
gonna share somethings secret here ..♥
err i'm single nearly 2 months jor ..♥
kinda happy and confusing ..♥
why i'm so blur in it -.- ..♥
perhaps i still concern about him ..♥
i had try my best to forget about you ..♥
but it doesn't work laa weyy ..♥
undeniable you always appear on my mind ..♥
the final decision i make is ..♥
i would like to look forward rather than step backward ..♥
i really hope that i can do it ..♥
may god bless me ..♥
hng dun wan crapped bout him dy laa ..♥
owhh yaa gonna share a good news here ..♥
i have been elected for PETINAM 1st vice president ..♥
hohoho darn happy ..♥
there is a but ..♥
gonna work hard and try my best to have the best team work among my buddies ..♥
i wish i could do it well ..♥
opps today meet with some friends that back from s'pore ..♥
they're funny weyy ..♥
miss them so much ..♥
aikss tonight they going back s'pore jor ..♥
dunnoe need to wait till when just can have a meet with them ..♥
thanks guy and i love you all ..♥
mwackx~* ♥
well gonna ends up my post for today ..♥
night luu and sweet dream yaa ..♥
bb mwackz~* ♥

♥ anne ♥