Friday, September 30, 2011

Addicted To Smart Phone Casing ♥

Morning peeps =]
woke up early in the morning ,
but not to forget to opened my FB too .
while surfing in FB , 
i saw i saw .....
lots of sweet and lovely smart phone casing .
i WANT it .
between , my phone spoiled .
Craving for a BRAND NEW smart phone .
p/s : dad pls buy me a new phone =]
sound so childish ><
aww , some photo for today post 
yesterday go airport for snap photo XD
ahahaha , sound cute right C(:
miss them lot , lastly we meet up 
and have crazy photo snap too =]
Sweet Yet Lovely Casing Indeed !

Flower + Crazy = US

US =]

The GIRLS of the day ♥

My Bestie Ever Jiun
p/s : she is light indeed !
 That's all for today =] 
later going out for numbering class 
wheeeeeeee ! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ♥
wo de zhui ai ~ VISIBER
byeeeeee ♥

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Motivation And Leadership Talks ♥

My today outfit 
Hello Kitty T
Hot Pant with belt
looks simple , LIKE 
alohaaaaa peeps .
i'm here !
today attended Dr Lim BK Talks .
the speaker was great indeed .
i've learned lot through him .
kinda tired right now =.=
i promised tomorrow will share you guys what i've learned .
sleep soon , byeee .
nights luu people C(:
ILY ♥  =*
stay tuned for coming update =]

Monday, September 26, 2011

Shape Of My Heart ♥

Shape Of My Heart ♥
hey dear readers =]
i'm hereeeee again .
arghhhhhhh 55days to go for my STPM .
it's knocking on the door .
the stress was surrounded by my side .
grrrrrrrrr the stress is killing me ! *HATE
i had tried many ways to released the stress =]
STUDY SMART instead of studyhard !!!
i SWEAR i wanna study instead of FACEBOOK =[
currently addicted to a song Shape Of My Heart ♥ by Backstreet Boys !
the lyrics of the song was nice .
so will you show me shape of your heart ?
here the CHORUS of the song ^^
Lookin' back on the things I've done
I was tryin' to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart
p/s : i wanna study smart and fight for my last !
readers please wish me luck okay =]
current moodswing *scare + stress + upside down =.=
stay tune for my update ♥.♥
daily cheer quote : 
Forgive the person who hurt you , but never forget what the lesson had taught you.
byeeeeeeeee ILY ♥

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ting's Surprised Birthday With The Theme Blue Sky and Beach ♥

23 Sept 2011 ♥
a girl called Ting ,
Blue Sky and Beach was the theme for the Birthday .
Thanks for Ming and Jun who drive us to Bukit Keluang .
Thanks to my babies- Dee , Ni , Eng , Ting for the early preparation
*mwackssss =*
and hope the birthday girl have the lovely yet surprise birthday !
wo ai ni Ting C(: 
let's photo to talk with you !
                                                         Group photo of us !

with the birthday girl ^^
The Lovely Couple ♥

Happy Birthday TING ♥

The Cha-borrrr <3

us !

The Birthday Girl ♥
The Cha-Bor ♥

Let's Pose 0-1-2-5 ♥

Stay Tune my dears .
ILY  * =*

My Latest Choice ♥

hey readers !
i'm here again =]
after some advises and opinions from friends . 
my choice was ITALY .
feel happy and excited .
and will be going on next year summer in July .
waiting and craving for the exchange trip .
Colosseum , Italy 

stay tune , my readers 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lastly , My Dream Comes True ♥

hey peeps =]
i'm here to update my bloggy !
aww , today received a surprised text from lion VK .
ohhh yeahhhhh ~ i've selected for participate in YE 2011 .
but , the most headache problem came ><
between summer and winter choose one ....
Eiffel Tower and Colosseum choose one =[
arghhhhhhh , i want BOTH XD .
i'm so greedy -.-
honestly i PREFER Eiffel Tower 
coz Paris more romantic !
*sound i going for honey moon XD
nope and pls dont misunderstand .
i go for youth exchange =]
come on ! Eiffel Tower or Colosseum =]
my dream <3

bye , stay tune my readers <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Refresh ♥

Hello readers  ;)
sorry for abandon my bloggy =.=
let's talk about my life .
yesterday take part in Spread The Love All Around .
 a meaningful yet successful project .
I Smile , because i put all my hardwork on the preparation for the project .
I Happy , beacause i saw the happiness on the old folks , orphanage , DSC , OKU faces .
The Happiness let me forget everythings .
REALLY I DO , believe me 
Enjoying my great life now
Family , Friends , Leos , babes accompnay in my life .
a weird feeling comes around 
i was wonder -.-
perhaps time heals but can i make myself bravo 
i pay belive to myself , I CAN
yeahhhhhh ~ 
i hope i can everyday blog about my life and feeling
before end today post ,
lets have some photo talks on my latest life 
enjoyyyyyyy .....
The Preparation =]

Lastly , we're done the goodies packing =]

Lunch for the participants and organising committee =]

The reception team ^^

lung with the banner =]

my babes =]

volunteer and KBC leos ^^

Volunteer and our leos ^^

*big family <3

lynn , lung and me ^^

*kai ma , me and the-bii ^^

us ^^

new friend from YAATIM orphanage ^^

the group photo of us ^^

goodies delivery ^^

old folks and me 

the participants ^^

the clown ^^

happiness of the kids *hugsss

demo for them ^^

lung and june =]

the cute clown
delivery of goodiessssss ^^

wani the volunteer ^^

Bye , Hearts you guy 
p/s : in love with the spread love activity