Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Complicated ❤

Time heals , memory doesn't =]
Appearance of you let me learned lots :
I learned to be strong;
As there isn't anyone who coaxes when I cried.
I learned to be brave;
As there isn't anyone who protects when I fear.
I learned to bear;
As there isn't anyone who helps when I need.
I learned self-reliance;
As there isn't anyone to rely on when I collapse.
Because I have to learn to live when I'm all alone.

Yet Dissapear of You in my life let me:
I no longer fear of the darkness,
As there someone light up my life.
I no longer fear of loneliness,
As there someone by my side whenever i need.
I no longer pretend myself,
As i'm who i am to be with you.
I no longer change myself for you,
As there someone like the ordinary me.

It's Complicated and confusing .
i prefer in the condition of more than a friend but yet a couple.
Thanks you for everythings.
*appreciate indeed.
I'm the one who cant stablise myself.
Worry and lack of confident to get into your world.
Perhaps i just heals from wounds.
My heart is true wont lies,
only myself DO.

Lions World Service Day ♥

Tadaaaaa =]
i'm hereeeeeeeeee 
Today was my great and meaningful Friday .
like last week woke earlier =[
Attended Lions World Service Day .
We serve the community in Bachok .
Venue situated in Bachok DO's House .
He was generous , like to do charity and helped the poor =]
Let's photo talks ~

 Group photo of us . LC Chung Cheng , LC KBC and UMK Students .

 Group photo =]

 Leos from Chung Cheng 

 DO and Ln Yap 

 US !

 Leo KBC , ROARRRR !!!

 123 smileeee ^^

 Behind the scene =]

 Give away the goodies to the poor 

 Shoes Donation By Ln Jack

 Photo !

 UMK students and Leo KBC ^^

 for the participants =]

 Blood Donation *BRAVO

 Lions World Service Day 

 *Family Photo XD

 Hardworking us *DONT DISTURB XD

Me and June 
hees , that's all for my lovely friday
off to bed .
nights luuu people =*

Monday, October 17, 2011

Insomnia Kills Me ♥

hey readers c(: 
it's 12.29 a.m .
my eyes superb big , i wish i can get into sleep .
i wanna go to bed , but i CANT !
finished edited some PA notes for my babes =]
hope it will help them .
oppppssss it's 17 Okt ...
Today was Ln Yap Big Day .
wanna know who is he ?
let's me tell you who he is .
he was a great papa , leo advisor , lion president .
i've known him for 4 years =]
learned lots from him too .
whenever he been , there jokes around .
always make ppl laugh XD
a leo *papa for all of us =]
Tadaa , let's photo-talks 
 during last year leo installation , our *leo papa ^^

 funny >.<

 Kor Yap and his lovely princess =]

aww feels like 18 right XD ahaha

gotta end up here for my today post .
nights luu , sweet dream too .
byeeeee =*

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Tired Yet Meaningful Saturday ♥

Tadaaaa ~ i'm here 
woke up 7a.m prepare myself to the activity 
thanks my V.P fetch me and treat me breakfast .
a super duper tired day for me .
participated 2 project in 1 day =]
but , it's worth you know .
1. Visit to Old Folks Home
2. Lions Shoes Donation Project
yeahhh it's makes my day .
i joined Leo Club since i was age of 13 untill now .
6 years in Leo Club 
Learned . Experience . and so on .
i would like to appreciate everythings in my life .
okays , let's photo talks my day !
Tadaaaaaa , ENJOY !!
 Donated goodies for them  ♥

 The hardworking Leos ♥

 ZiQi the cutie  ♥

 Me and the leos  ♥

 Me and V.P Max  ♥

 The Old Folks  ♥

 Yeahhhhhh Leo  ♥

 Group photo of us ROAR !

 Draw by Leos to President Yap 

 Process !

 Tree Planting  ♥

 Handsome VP Max  ♥

 Shoes Donation to Dragon Boat Temple In Tumpat .

 The process ....

 Sitting Buddha ^^

 The kids =]

 Shoes Donation from LCKB .

 Uncle Chiok and Uncle Jack ^^

The childrens are waiting for the shoes !
okay , that's all for my today post =]
gotta off dy .
We Serve , We Believe .
Byeeeeee =*

Lovely Friday ♥

Hello peeps =]
Tadaaaa ~ it's FRIDAY 14 Okt 
woke up late today =[
36 days to go for STPM ><
scare . nervous . suffer . lazy . excited .
arghhhhhh all in one like ABC -.-
aww , in afternoon received a text from aunty Jean 
Red Velvet cupcakes waiting for me ! *excited
aww , it's so delicious , tenqiuuuu aunty ♥
between i'm free so made popia for high tea time ^^
Korean BBQ is waiting me and Jiun .
my family and Jiun went for Korean BBQ in Ong Ong Coffee 
Let's phototalks my today life ^^
Tadaaaaa ~ enjoy !
 Red Velvet Cuocakes by Aunty Jean ^^ *yummy !

aww , the lovely red velvet cupcakes ^^

 My girls with *KB Tower

 Peaceeeeee  XD

 Jiun , you're Talled =] *ahahaha

 us !

 Jiun and Me enjoying the cupcakes :)

My babes with the Tower ♥
Night luu , gotta off to bed dy .