Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hey 2013 ♥ !

Hey peeps !
Time flies and its 2013.

Its been 4 months staying in Singapore
So far so good my study life over here
Assignment and attachment hours come in one short

As usual morning rush for attachment hour;
Afternoon going for class.
That's my life over here.
Everything goes as usual yet obstacle always there
I got a lovely family here
Of cause i staying with my aunt

Okay kinda lazy to keep typing
Lets photo do the talks

Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple and Lovely ;)

Peoples , i'm back to blogging ;)

Lets photo talks about my dinner .

A simple yet lovely dinner *happy*

Enjoying my dinner while listening my favo song *shape of my heart*

And i would like to remain our status as friend ^^

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time Flies And Life Just Goes On ♥

i'm here to update :)
today post tittle kinda EMO , yet i DO .
everythings happened in sudden *frustrated
i'm tired on hiding my feelings :(
but i tell myself to be strong ,
stay strong Is not having your heart stoned;
It is even when you have tears in your eyes,
You can still smile.
yet i realized 
as long as 2 person have separated 
no matter in friendship or relationship
and no matter how close they used to be
They will gradually become alienated to each other when there a distance .
somehow i though i was think too much but i'aint yet is a reality :(
two persons that used to be so close just fall apart so far, even further than before
alienation just like a rare fate yet i'm experience-ing 
hence i'm here to tell you i'm panic and fear to faced these .
because i'm too coward .
YES IMY friends :)
i miss the moment we spend together :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012 ♥

Hello peoples !
i'm here again :)
HELLO 2012 and Happy New Year to everyone .
today was Ting's sister wedding .
become her sis jie mei .
1st time being jie mei and it was FUN ...
between i'm leader for today jie mei *olalala
pity those heng dai get chucked by me and my leng lui jie mei .
the experience was memorable ...
kinda tired but it's worth ..
i'm here to wish Siew Ching and Yong Sheng Happy Wedding  ♥
Hope you two stay bliss ♥
let's photo talks to continue my post .
kinda lazy uhhhhh ...
more photo pls CLICK ♥
Me and my girls 

Happy Wedding to Siew Ching and Yong Sheng

My darlings 

Jie Mei Men :)

Us !

Tadaaaa we like FOOTBALL =p

Stuff and us
 Nights luu ^^
*mwacksssss !
stay tune readers .

Friday, December 16, 2011

M.E.R.D.E.K.A ♥

hey people ! 
i'm MERDEKA *Olalalala 

STPM exam was END ! *shouting i'm graduated - 我毕业了啦 !!!
thanks for my dear friends , darlings , buddy always by my side whenever i need .
Thanks You and Appreciate you all , ILY <3
yooohoooo =D my formal 14 years school life ended .
so holi-holidays for me !!!
finished my exam , 'blow water' with my girls .
i enjoy muchie with my dear girls .
chit-chat all the time , undeniable i'm vey 'kepo' XD
today do pohpia with my dear NiNi .
no doubt , i've random promised her aunt =]
never sleep for whole night , girls talk .
i've learned lot from her , *xie xie ni .
between felt very sorry to her and parents for disturb for whole night .
sorry Nini and family =]
saw her nice outfit photo , share here :
Ni's nice outfit ^^

Ouchhhh , *PAIN =S

Hansaplast , i NEED it ^^

Time flies without waiting , 2012 coming soon .
Finally my YE to Italy coming soon , cant wait for it *excited =p
It's time for me fight for my Leo Club . 
Lots of incoming project on the way .
Step Out 2012 is on the way =]
received a text from Jiun , she cant be OC .
kinda upset but never mind , i understand her problem .
somehow i easily felt unsecure when i faced obstacle .
That's all for today .
Stay tune for next update =]


Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo Talks ♥

hello peepo !
it's been age didn't touch my bloggy .
freaking lazy .
exam-ing STPM ain't easy =[
well , never mind let me bring you back to my past days .
lets start ...
the day b4 exam , shooting uhhhhh C(:
WenNi : you see , a handsome guy over there ^^

Epic of my girls <3

A moiiii buat apa ? ^^

Model of the day WenNi and SiewTing =]

Love dis ^^

123 SNAP !!!

Ain't short C(:

Aww , my KISS =p

Tadaaaaaa ~

Shape of my heart ^^

Ting and Me 

Dear SiewTing

Dear WenNi

Tmn Tengku Anis ^^

when i'm bored -.-

study stress >.<

uhhhh , SHOOT !!
When the climate of revison ... *stressss

Yummy , Thanks Dear Ni

My Darlings Ting and Ni <3
When i'm bored , p/s : ignore me pls =.='
as ordinary as i wish =]

yeah , it's me ^^
The Kids always around me ^^
i'm kids lover <3

my outfit , as simple as i wish C(:
Happy Birthday Shania <3
Me . Bryan and Shania ^^

Me and Shania ^^
That's all ...
Nights luu dear readers ..
stay tune for next update =]

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Complicated ❤

Time heals , memory doesn't =]
Appearance of you let me learned lots :
I learned to be strong;
As there isn't anyone who coaxes when I cried.
I learned to be brave;
As there isn't anyone who protects when I fear.
I learned to bear;
As there isn't anyone who helps when I need.
I learned self-reliance;
As there isn't anyone to rely on when I collapse.
Because I have to learn to live when I'm all alone.

Yet Dissapear of You in my life let me:
I no longer fear of the darkness,
As there someone light up my life.
I no longer fear of loneliness,
As there someone by my side whenever i need.
I no longer pretend myself,
As i'm who i am to be with you.
I no longer change myself for you,
As there someone like the ordinary me.

It's Complicated and confusing .
i prefer in the condition of more than a friend but yet a couple.
Thanks you for everythings.
*appreciate indeed.
I'm the one who cant stablise myself.
Worry and lack of confident to get into your world.
Perhaps i just heals from wounds.
My heart is true wont lies,
only myself DO.

Lions World Service Day ♥

Tadaaaaa =]
i'm hereeeeeeeeee 
Today was my great and meaningful Friday .
like last week woke earlier =[
Attended Lions World Service Day .
We serve the community in Bachok .
Venue situated in Bachok DO's House .
He was generous , like to do charity and helped the poor =]
Let's photo talks ~

 Group photo of us . LC Chung Cheng , LC KBC and UMK Students .

 Group photo =]

 Leos from Chung Cheng 

 DO and Ln Yap 

 US !

 Leo KBC , ROARRRR !!!

 123 smileeee ^^

 Behind the scene =]

 Give away the goodies to the poor 

 Shoes Donation By Ln Jack

 Photo !

 UMK students and Leo KBC ^^

 for the participants =]

 Blood Donation *BRAVO

 Lions World Service Day 

 *Family Photo XD

 Hardworking us *DONT DISTURB XD

Me and June 
hees , that's all for my lovely friday
off to bed .
nights luuu people =*