Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outings with besties ♥


                                                  hey people ..♥
i'm here to update my bloggy again ..♥
lets crap about today ..♥
i went out with my besties ..♥
do enjoy weyy ..♥
guess where we going ..♥
we going villa daniella ..♥
aiksss jiun didn't follow ..♥
coz she was lazy ..♥
the place kinda far from our house ..♥
so we started out journey at 12p.m ..♥
goshhh hot like hell ..♥
arrived there near 1p.m ++ ..♥
the scenary was so beautiful ..♥
due to me and takako are cheery type ..♥
we direct had our photo session ..♥
we snapped the scenary ..♥
ohh yea we not the guests there ..♥
so no photo for us ..♥
but i do have photo ..♥
hohoho ..♥
between if we not guess there ..♥
and wanna use acommodation there must pay rm 50.00 ..♥
sighhhh so expensive ..♥
after that we visited Sudara Resort ..♥
rather than wordy here ..♥
so i would upload those photo ..♥
okays all the photo are uploaded here ..♥
ends my today post with those photo ..♥

          ms. takako  ♥          
                                   ms. michiko ♥                                        
                  super model ms. takako  ♥                   
                                          me . smexy . takako ♥                                            
besties ♥

see what wenni doing =.=  ♥

besties forever ♥

ms. michiko and takako ♥

ms. michiko ♥

♥ angeline ♥

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Love You ❤

hey people  ..♥
miracles occurs in my life ..♥
i found him ..♥
i do loves him ..♥


♥ angeline ♥

Tired . Fun . Happy ♥

i'm back ..♥
hey peeps ..♥
let's crap about today feelings ..♥
nowdays dunnoe why keep on named my post with feelings ..♥
perhaps i'm so lazy to think and named a tittle for it ..♥
aiyerr kinda tired laa weyy ..♥
woke by daddy this morning ..♥
he asked me bath and accompany him went for a talks ..♥
i do accompany him for the talks ..♥
ohh weyy this time really shang wo xin ..♥
know what's talk is that ..♥
haiz all these i do known dy ..♥
coz my fo tang auntie them keep on told me ..♥
somemore somemore so many *si lai* attend the talks ..♥
ohh weyy kinda san paa laa ..♥
i dont like the situation ..♥
then i told myself after i get marriage ..♥
i ain't be a *SI LAI* ..♥
then , i follow my bestie ..♥
orange . mei . lun and ting went to school and JPN ..♥
asked about F6 things ..♥
LOL we wait almost 1 hour to meet with the assistance there ..♥
received msg from someone ..♥
he asked me tonight dont sleep so earlier ..♥
coz have something to tell me ..♥
yepp so tonight i do wait for your msg ..♥
that's all for today ..♥
my sister asked me watch my *dalang dalang dalang* dy ..♥
gonna continue with my dalang dalang dalang ..♥
ends up here ..♥
byebye ..♥

♥ angeline ♥

Bored to the MAX ♥

hello , i'm back to blogger again ..♥
aikss yesterday feel tired so do not update my bloggy ..♥
pardon me laa nah nah nah ..♥
okay let's crap my days ..♥
last night didn't go out for whole day ..♥
see how good am i ..♥
just stayed at home watched *hai pai tian xin* ..♥
dalang dalang dalang ..♥
believed that most of all watched it dy ..♥
kinda funny and i do loves it ..♥
last night text someone ..♥
during the text-ing process with him ..♥
i tersleep coz waiting he reply me msg for too long ..♥
sorry to he err ..♥
perhaps i'm tired i think ..♥
nothing special happen ..♥
so gotta ends up here ..♥
byebye ..♥

♥ angeline ♥

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tired . Happy . Frustated . Nervous ♥

know why i named my post with feelings??..♥
lets crap about it..♥
ohh yea please pardon me for abandon my bloggy for days..♥
come on, a long long story to tells..♥
be patient okay..♥

my NS friends Clover come meet me..♥
i'm so happy that she coming meet me..♥
ohh yea she come with his bf *wai kor*..♥
whole busy clean up my lovely room..♥
she is sensitive with dust so i do clean my room..♥
before she come my house..♥
i keep on ring she..♥
perhaps too excited..♥
me : harloo yunn arr ni lai le mei you?
clover : harloo aii ren arr . wo hen xiang nii lehh . wo jin wan 7 dian kai che.
me : chen de arr?. na wo den ni nuu.
clover : hola hola. wo gen wai kor yi qi lai.
me : okays okays dao le zai ta ge wo nu. bye2
clover : en en bye2.
she arrived my house at 10.20p.m..♥
luckily my house easy to find..♥
just at the opposite road of general hospital..♥
when i saw her i shouted her yun arr..♥
yeahh she have a new looks..♥
new hair style kinda suit her..♥
she haven have her dinner..♥
so i bring she to D BERLIAN cafe..♥
we chit chat a lots..♥
coz me and her at camp well known by ms. chatty..♥
we craps lots..♥
craps till 1a.m just went home..♥
arrived home also chat non stop..♥
ohh weyy see how chatty are we..♥
we slept at living room due to my room very hot..♥
pity pity she..♥
next time i would prepare a better accomodation for she..♥
♥ Happy ♥

GOSH!!  two of us woke late..♥
we had promise jiun that 10 or 11 wanna out for breakfast..♥
hell we wake at 9++..♥
i text jiun directly..♥
luckily she is in mood..♥
she told me *man man lai lerr*..♥
jiun arrived at fetch we to xiao fan for breakfast..♥
we ordered *tian ji zhou*..♥
quite delicious lerr..♥
LOL clover ate so slow..♥
i cant bear with nowdays weather..♥
it's hot like hell..♥
then followed by our next station KB mall..♥
clover saw so many KT ppl..♥
we bring she shopping at mall..
we had bought a shirt for her lovely dad..♥
the price kinda expensive..♥
buy at jefferson and cost rm 89.90 if i'm not wrong..♥
she didn't shop much..♥
coz she going study at kl..♥
kl have chance to shop if you have lots of money..♥
LOL..the time pass so fast she back to KT at 3.30p.m..♥
ohh weyy shang wo xin..♥
luckily after she arrived home got call me..♥
she told me she will come meet me again..♥
so happy..♥
hohoho loves you so much..♥
ohh yea night time went sam kor birthday party..♥
held at red bean cafe..♥
it was a self order party..♥
i ordered chicken chop and ice-blended tiramisu coffee..♥
it's niceeee..♥
♥ Tired . Happy ♥
today someone wanna meet me..♥
but he didn't told me..♥
then keep on guess me where i at..♥
his 1st station kb mall then followed by hwa shop and lastly jiun house..♥
lastly me found me at jiun house..♥
he went mall but i was back..♥
 due to clover's wai kor coming fetch she at my house..♥
after that dunnoe why he went hwa shop..♥
perhaps i told he when i text he..♥
LOL he cant found me again..♥
dunnoe why lastly he decide when jiun house..♥
then. found me.. ♥
pity pity he lerr..♥
but i do appreciate what he had done..♥
thanksssss and i can feel what you wanna give me..♥
i'm so happy that meet with he..♥
then i keep on spam he..♥
see i'm so bad..♥
between he told me a bad news at night..♥
aikss bad news for me..♥
perhaps good news for he..♥
i dunnoe..♥
let's forget about it..♥
my NS besties Kong Suet Yun..♥
thanks you for come to kb..♥
well gotta ends my post here..♥
my today post was long-winded..♥
sorry about that..♥

♥ Tired . Happy . Frustrated . Nervous ♥

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Genting Trip ❤

Baby Boy ❤

Addcited to this song too :p


爱 不 单 行 ♥

I need music ♥
Recently i addicted to this song ♥


Success *ang ku kui* ♥

hey hey..♥
it's time to crap my daily life again..♥
let's crap baby..♥
ohh yea sorry yaa coz didn't update my bloggy on time..♥
yesterday had 2 acquaintances visited to my house..♥
let's guess who they are..♥
dang dang dang takako and a ji LOL..♥
ohh weyy i extremely get shocked..♥
at first takako called me..♥
asked me open my house door..♥
so i do open..♥
then i saw nobody outside..♥
i'm so scared coz i'm a craven..♥
hohoho shy to said that..♥
and my respond is closed the door..♥
sigh she called me again and aske me open the door..♥
so i do..♥
nobody outside again..♥
ishh ishh at last i open the door and waited them..♥
so they try surprise me and i shocked..♥
they came my house coz they have no direction to go..♥
pade ka face >_< ..♥
at night my bestie them paid a visit to ms. kim bee..♥
she is in hospital coz of low blood pressure..♥
hope she recover soon..♥
i do not join them..♥
i went *fo tang*..♥
opps something to share here..♥
i *gui yi* as a buddhistic..♥
*gui yi* on 16 march 2010..♥
a memorable day in my life..♥
and have a name * xiu jia*..♥
quite nice..♥
here climax of my post..♥
i had learned how to do *ang ku kui*..♥
learned from fo tang auntie..♥
perhaps success..♥
coz today buyers praise the *ang ku kui* was delicious..♥
hohoho i'm flying..♥
i upgrade myself dy..♥
i was not believe that i can do it..♥
beginning my *ang ku kui* was not nice..♥
but at last it's  become nicer and nicer..♥
for me not really hard to do it..♥
what a great success..♥
finished do my *ang ku kui* at 11.30p.m..♥
kinda late but it's worth for me..♥
near 12.00 a.m arrived home..♥
so i didn't on9 update my bloggy..♥
coz i have to wake up early on today..♥
i woke on 4a.m..♥
went fo tang at 5a.m..♥
arrived fo tang started help aunties for prepare the food..♥
darn happy coz all the food prepare by us had sold out..♥
feel proud :D ..♥
haaaaa haaaa haaaaa..♥
i'm yawning..♥
gonna take a nap soon..♥
night time going fo tang for class..♥
ends my post here..♥

       life’s what you make it, so lets make it rock!!♥


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

梁小乐 ♥

he is so awesome ♥

我 爱 他 ♥

他的轻狂留在 某一节车厢
地下铁里的风 比回忆还重

若那一刻重来 我不哭

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂

情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
最初的天堂 最终的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
逃不开 爱越深越互相伤害

越深的依赖 越多的空白

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂

情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
最初的天堂 最终的荒唐

若那一刻重来 我不哭
让他知道我可以 很好

nowdays i'm seriously addicted to this song..
i ♥ him ..


Baby i miss you badly ♥

time to update my bloggy again...♥
ohh weyy kinda lazy to update my bloggy..♥
but i used to blog my daily life..♥
nothing special today..♥
ahh yea i realise 1 thing..♥
without handphone i cant live..♥
i have suffer for 2 days..♥
without handphone gonna kill me..♥
i cant text him..♥
my friends cant find me..♥
dont you all agree without handphone cant live..♥
luckily wenni bring me meet takako..♥
so i take the opportunity to take my handphone back..♥
thanks wenni..♥
just now went yum cha with wenni and ying..♥
we crapped around..♥
perhaps nothing to do..♥
that's all for today..♥
gonna end up here..♥
night night and sweet dream ya


Monday, April 12, 2010

Everyday is the same :x

i'm back to update my bloggy again..♥
last night didn't have mood to update it..♥
ohh weyy i'm so lazy..♥
but i was a fun fun fun day indeed..♥
jiun fetch me to school..♥
takako going with me too..♥
she went certified the only 1 cert..=.= ♥
yeaterday went school to certified my photostated cert..♥
saw many junior..♥
and meet my lovely teacher ms. lau..♥
we crapped lots about past memory..♥
after that we going to office to take our salary..♥
super duper happy..♥
filled form gonna start my part time job soon..♥
after that go hwa's shop fetch jiun *boy*..♥
when hwa saw me he shout *ohh weyy shang wo xin*..♥
with soft voice..♥
yii yerr so disgusting..♥
ohh weyy shang wo xin..♥
nowdays is my geng phrase..♥
takako formated her lappie..♥
it's F.O.C weyy..♥
our a hwa lerr help her reinstall WINDOW 7..♥
luckily success if not hwa gonna get killed by she..♥
aikss leaved my baobei hp at takako house..♥
so no text with someone for 1 night..♥
ohh weyy shang wo xin..:X ♥
ohh yea clover gonna come visit me during this thursday..
i'm so happy :D ..♥
well gotta end up here..♥
my post is so long indeed..♥

:D :X :) :P


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gathering and Water Festival ♥

hello all..♥
i'm here to update my bloggy again..♥
i do enjoy gathering..♥
meets some friends that long time didn't meet..♥
let's craps about our gathering bahh..♥
venue : perdana resort..♥
date : 8 and 9 april 2010..♥
there are 16 peopls if i'm not forgotten took part in our gathering..♥
i think i mention their name here..♥
♥mei rei
♥rui liang
♥yan zhen
♥wei kit
♥zhi qian
♥han seong
♥chun haw
thanks they all for coming..♥
but something unlucky things happen..♥
at 8 there are some itchy malay guys disturbed us..♥
aikss forget about it bahh..♥
although the place not really safe but we do enjoy..♥
and thanks god we have a safe gathering..♥
i told my buddy next time we go a better place for next gathering..♥
i do enjoy our gathering..♥
the next day morning our a aik just come meet us..♥
after that we check out and go for water festival..♥
gosh..the place so far..♥
when arrived the place..♥
i was shocked with the scene..♥
perhaps is my 1st time when there..♥
i'm wearing my lens play water..♥
gosh my eyes so pain..♥
me and jiun go in for 10 min then surrender..♥
perhaps me and jiun cant accept the ways they play..♥
but many of our buddy do enjoy it..♥
ohh yea i din have any pic to be upload..♥
sorry all..♥
well gonna stop here..♥



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fate Fate Fate :) ♥

i'm here to update my bloggy again..
everyday remain the same nothing special.. Sigh >. < ..
it was a boredom day indeed..
boredom drove me crazy..
yesterday out for tea-drinking with my buddy..
kinda enjoy..
i now waiting for f6..
my parents want me further my study in f6..
ohh weyy it's hard..
i'm kinda happy coz nowdays my parents less nag me jor..
yipiyaya yipiyipiya..
perhaps they know what their daughter need..
did you all believe on fate??..
i do believe after i meet a friends clover in NS..
coz we 2 really have lots of similarity on our behaviour..♥
i kinda miss her..
Clover i miss you badly :( ..
aiyaa he not text me for 3 days jor..
kinda worry :/ ..
am i in love??..
i dunnoe sigh -.- ..
i'm lack of confident to love ..
shier shier shier xP ..
scare hurt ;( ..
but i do belive in fate..
if we fate to be nothing can stop us..
so just resign to fate..
well it's late gonna end up my post here..
night night and sweet dream yaa..

The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to ♥

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheer up baby ♥ :D

hello hello
gonna share something private here..
this few weeks i feel so so guilty..
my mental is moving up and down..
right and left..
like playing balls..
no wonder my mood is affected =.= ..
perhaps i should find a mental telepathy ppl help me..
duhh..i do need a person who have mental telepathy help me..♥
how do you say goodbye to someone who had you at hello??..
i guess you all should know my topic that i gonna share here..
anger,hurt or pain had stole my energy and leaved it to love.. :(
don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain..
they steal my energy and keep me from love...
can i tell my mind to stop missing you??..
can't i..
perhaps circumstances don't let me own you..
you not belongs me..
i should give up..
expect nothing, live frugally on surprise..
cheer up kayy..
life is like a beautiful melody,only the lyrics are messed up..
i would like live in beautiful melody so i do let lyrics messed up my life..
gonna ends up my post here..
night night and sweet dream yaa..


My Memory ♥

whee i'm here to update my lovely bloggy..
well i gonna post my past memory..
so i start from march..
11 march : back from NS..
                  miss my trainer :( ..
16 march : took my spm result..
                  kinda bad result x( ..
24 march : went Pulau Redand wif besties..
                  do love the trip..
                  24-26 march..
30 march : genting trip..
                  with jiun and her family :D ..
                  shop a lots of stuff ..
                  30 march till 1 april..
1 april     : april fools..
                  fooled a special guy :D
a very very simple flashback..


i'm back ♥

leaved my bloggy for months jor..♥
aww~perhaps should say sorry to my bloggy..♥
sorry baby..♥
nowdays so lazy to blog..♥
but today i do blog..♥