Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time Flies And Life Just Goes On ♥

i'm here to update :)
today post tittle kinda EMO , yet i DO .
everythings happened in sudden *frustrated
i'm tired on hiding my feelings :(
but i tell myself to be strong ,
stay strong Is not having your heart stoned;
It is even when you have tears in your eyes,
You can still smile.
yet i realized 
as long as 2 person have separated 
no matter in friendship or relationship
and no matter how close they used to be
They will gradually become alienated to each other when there a distance .
somehow i though i was think too much but i'aint yet is a reality :(
two persons that used to be so close just fall apart so far, even further than before
alienation just like a rare fate yet i'm experience-ing 
hence i'm here to tell you i'm panic and fear to faced these .
because i'm too coward .
YES IMY friends :)
i miss the moment we spend together :)

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