Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012 ♥

Hello peoples !
i'm here again :)
HELLO 2012 and Happy New Year to everyone .
today was Ting's sister wedding .
become her sis jie mei .
1st time being jie mei and it was FUN ...
between i'm leader for today jie mei *olalala
pity those heng dai get chucked by me and my leng lui jie mei .
the experience was memorable ...
kinda tired but it's worth ..
i'm here to wish Siew Ching and Yong Sheng Happy Wedding  ♥
Hope you two stay bliss ♥
let's photo talks to continue my post .
kinda lazy uhhhhh ...
more photo pls CLICK ♥
Me and my girls 

Happy Wedding to Siew Ching and Yong Sheng

My darlings 

Jie Mei Men :)

Us !

Tadaaaa we like FOOTBALL =p

Stuff and us
 Nights luu ^^
*mwacksssss !
stay tune readers .

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