Friday, December 16, 2011

M.E.R.D.E.K.A ♥

hey people ! 
i'm MERDEKA *Olalalala 

STPM exam was END ! *shouting i'm graduated - 我毕业了啦 !!!
thanks for my dear friends , darlings , buddy always by my side whenever i need .
Thanks You and Appreciate you all , ILY <3
yooohoooo =D my formal 14 years school life ended .
so holi-holidays for me !!!
finished my exam , 'blow water' with my girls .
i enjoy muchie with my dear girls .
chit-chat all the time , undeniable i'm vey 'kepo' XD
today do pohpia with my dear NiNi .
no doubt , i've random promised her aunt =]
never sleep for whole night , girls talk .
i've learned lot from her , *xie xie ni .
between felt very sorry to her and parents for disturb for whole night .
sorry Nini and family =]
saw her nice outfit photo , share here :
Ni's nice outfit ^^

Ouchhhh , *PAIN =S

Hansaplast , i NEED it ^^

Time flies without waiting , 2012 coming soon .
Finally my YE to Italy coming soon , cant wait for it *excited =p
It's time for me fight for my Leo Club . 
Lots of incoming project on the way .
Step Out 2012 is on the way =]
received a text from Jiun , she cant be OC .
kinda upset but never mind , i understand her problem .
somehow i easily felt unsecure when i faced obstacle .
That's all for today .
Stay tune for next update =]


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