Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lions World Service Day ♥

Tadaaaaa =]
i'm hereeeeeeeeee 
Today was my great and meaningful Friday .
like last week woke earlier =[
Attended Lions World Service Day .
We serve the community in Bachok .
Venue situated in Bachok DO's House .
He was generous , like to do charity and helped the poor =]
Let's photo talks ~

 Group photo of us . LC Chung Cheng , LC KBC and UMK Students .

 Group photo =]

 Leos from Chung Cheng 

 DO and Ln Yap 

 US !

 Leo KBC , ROARRRR !!!

 123 smileeee ^^

 Behind the scene =]

 Give away the goodies to the poor 

 Shoes Donation By Ln Jack

 Photo !

 UMK students and Leo KBC ^^

 for the participants =]

 Blood Donation *BRAVO

 Lions World Service Day 

 *Family Photo XD

 Hardworking us *DONT DISTURB XD

Me and June 
hees , that's all for my lovely friday
off to bed .
nights luuu people =*

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