Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Complicated ❤

Time heals , memory doesn't =]
Appearance of you let me learned lots :
I learned to be strong;
As there isn't anyone who coaxes when I cried.
I learned to be brave;
As there isn't anyone who protects when I fear.
I learned to bear;
As there isn't anyone who helps when I need.
I learned self-reliance;
As there isn't anyone to rely on when I collapse.
Because I have to learn to live when I'm all alone.

Yet Dissapear of You in my life let me:
I no longer fear of the darkness,
As there someone light up my life.
I no longer fear of loneliness,
As there someone by my side whenever i need.
I no longer pretend myself,
As i'm who i am to be with you.
I no longer change myself for you,
As there someone like the ordinary me.

It's Complicated and confusing .
i prefer in the condition of more than a friend but yet a couple.
Thanks you for everythings.
*appreciate indeed.
I'm the one who cant stablise myself.
Worry and lack of confident to get into your world.
Perhaps i just heals from wounds.
My heart is true wont lies,
only myself DO.

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